Sponsored Tweets

| July 24, 2010

One of the newest ways to make money online is SponsoredTweets.This system is easy to set up if you have a Twitter account. Once set up you review and accept offers from advertisers, and agree the tweet content. The Tweet is sent out automatically through your feed, and you then get paid for clicks. If […]

Twitter galore! – Twiends & Tweetdeck

| July 12, 2010

I’ve signed up with Twiends, a system that is supposed to give you a chance to find people who share your interests on Twitter and get “credits” for following them. Fortunately credits are free (and given my experience I would not suggest paying for them!).My first attempt at using it left me with a lot […]

A Lotus Update

| September 15, 2009

According to Lotus Central, 15th September 2009, it looks as though Team Lotus are in for the 2010 Forumla One Season (got to love Twitter for breaking news!). My Lotus lens has a link to the full story.If they are in, then now they just need to live up to the name.I am currently rather […]


| June 10, 2009

Not a new lens, but I am hopefully now signed up to twitter. This blog post, I freely admit, is just a test and I am busy hooking in my squidcasts and bukisa feeds to twitter just to see if anyone’s interested – and its all good backlinks even if they aren’t!On the squidoo front, […]