A new badge & Squid Squad updates

| July 8, 2009

I just got this in my inbox. As you can imagine, I am rather chuffed particualrly since the award was by voting from other Squid Squad members! The Squid Squad did very well:Every member going for giant who got more than 50 lenses made itThe Top 100 Team won the challenge with 221 lensesSquid Squad […]

What makes a good lens?

| July 1, 2009

There was an interesting post on Squidu.com, that got me thinking:[quote=interstellaryeller]I do not understand this. Anyone that has 100 or 200 lens in my eyes is a form of spam in itself. nobody can be a expert in that many fields and so I just sift over one or two of their top lens. I […]

Three new lenses

| June 23, 2009

#167 The TJX Data Theft casehttp://www.squidoo.com/tjx-data-loss#168 The Mallard – the fastest steam engine in the worldhttp://www.squidoo.com/the-mallard#169 Badbury Rings – an ancient British Hill forthttp://www.squidoo.com/badbury-ringsI have a few more half-built, so the challenge isn’t lost yet. At the moment it’s effectively marking time until both hands are usuable and I can do the typing I need […]

Two more live

| June 18, 2009

Not entirely sure what numbers these are, but: #161 The Brunel Museumhttp://www.squidoo.com/brunel-museum#162 Console Game reviewshttp://www.squidoo.com/console-game-reviewsThe Brunel Museum was done because they are a small friendly group, who gave me a lot of information for the Thames Tunnel lens, so I felt that spreading the word was a good way to return a favour. The Console […]

Lens #154 (Hamleys) and a time extension

| June 15, 2009

#154 is now up, which is about Hamleys toy shop, the oldest toy store in Britain and probably the best. It has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, so I thought I’d share it!The Squid Squad challenge has an extension on the deadline to the 30th June, which is great – gives us more […]

The new squidoo

| June 12, 2009

Well, they’ve put the new Squidoo live.My first impressions are mixed. The shorter bios mean I have 150 lenses to rework, but aside from that and some HTML tweaks there’s not too much to do on that front. From a useability standard point it is much much better with easier bookmark links, a smaller titlebar, […]

A new challenge!

| June 11, 2009

The Squid Team Challenge doesn’t end until the 15th, and my team is lagging, so I might be turning out a few more lenses before then. And I won’t know if I got Top 100 until June 30th. So rather than be bored or nervous, I am taking on a new challenge!Squidoo have now started […]

#149 The Iron Railway Vineyard

| June 9, 2009

(Did I mention the three extra articles I’ve just added to Bukisa? No? Well I just did, and they’ll appear inthe widget in the sidebard shortly.) My 149th lens takes me back to alcohol, like the madeira lenses.A small vineyard that I stumbled across at Coulsdon Market while I was researching the Farthing Downs lens. […]

#148 The Flying Scotsman

| June 7, 2009

Not really complete – it still needs a lens image and more details on the engine, but since I hit publish automatically it is live. Officially that puts me on 148, so I didn’t make the 150 before I started work, but I have a few others in the pipeline and now I am aiming […]

New lens: Two lumps webcomic

| May 27, 2009

#137 http://www.squidoo.com/two-lumpsTwo lumps webcomicDown with a heavy cold so updates may be erratic (never really kicked it after the obeservatory visit, and its back with a vengeance). Finally got up this evening, had a brief look at a web comic I follow and figured why not do a lens on it? Also quite surprised as […]