A new badge & Squid Squad updates

| July 8, 2009

I just got this in my inbox. As you can imagine, I am rather chuffed particualrly since the award was by voting from other Squid Squad members! The Squid Squad did very well:Every member going for giant who got more than 50 lenses made itThe Top 100 Team won the challenge with 221 lensesSquid Squad […]

And now for the waiting

| July 1, 2009

Well, it’s now the 1st July 2009. The Target 200 Challenge is over, and successful đŸ™‚Aside from that entry to the other competitions:The Top 100 Club entriesThe Team Challenge are now closed and awaiting lens reviews for the results to be announced, as are the smaller competitions like the MVP challenge. Why do I feel […]

Two more live

| June 18, 2009

Not entirely sure what numbers these are, but: #161 The Brunel Museumhttp://www.squidoo.com/brunel-museum#162 Console Game reviewshttp://www.squidoo.com/console-game-reviewsThe Brunel Museum was done because they are a small friendly group, who gave me a lot of information for the Thames Tunnel lens, so I felt that spreading the word was a good way to return a favour. The Console […]

Lens #154 (Hamleys) and a time extension

| June 15, 2009

#154 is now up, which is about Hamleys toy shop, the oldest toy store in Britain and probably the best. It has long been a guilty pleasure of mine, so I thought I’d share it!The Squid Squad challenge has an extension on the deadline to the 30th June, which is great – gives us more […]