Disabling Contactless Cards

| September 10, 2015

Contactless card security – or the lack of it – is back in the media. There are three main items that the card firms say make these cards secure. Sadly I would disagree with each. 6 RFID Blocking Sleeve Set Offers Secure Protection from Identity ID Theft and Credit Card Fraud 1) Short Range.Which said […]

And we’re off – migration is underway!

| January 22, 2015

It seems hubpages has been quietly delisting several of my pages. I should care. I don’t. I’m moving them all to Wizzley anyway. The Jervis Bay one has just gone, so if anyone can notified google that the content is no here:http://www.wizzley.com/jervis-baythat would help.But it is confirmed. On 26th October 2014  Hubpages pages insist that […]

2014 and squidoo

| January 23, 2014

Unfortunately I can no longer recommend squidoo. I got up to find thatOne of my lenses was banned for not being in english. It is, and has been for the five years it has been on squidoo. (It was my second lens.)One of my lenses – longitude – has been banned for low quality content. […]

Squidoo on the rise?

| March 17, 2013

I may end up going back to Squidoo.I left a while ago for a few reasons – getting spammed out of the top tiers, their increased focus on sales lenses and the changes to modules and lensimages that made managing my existing articles time prohibitive – never mind writing new ones!However, they have apparently decided […]

A cynical and cheesed-off morning.

| February 8, 2012

I’m facing today with a feeling of extreme cynicism.Squidoo want me to change my lens images to 250×250 squares. I’ve carefully sizes the rectangles to fit in most cases. Product Images can’t change size, and the chances of me getting the rights to images in that format for some of my other topics are 0. […]


| November 24, 2011

A new lens, largely because I spotted a URL free that was too good to pass up.http://www.squidoo.com/smashwordsA review of my currently preferred publishing plaform, ways to use it, what’s in it for readers and more – including their affiliate scheme. I was rather stunned to find the URL available, as it had been “Under Construction” […]

A new lens, a book launch, a new ebook and a busy week

| November 23, 2011

A new lens went up:History ebooksThis is a reworking of the 2009 lens about Lens Companions. After I looked at the lens companions lens I realised just how out of date it was, and that the URL was no longer appropriate either. So I created a new lens for these ebooks. It has also replaced […]

Squidoo referrals button in a module.

| November 22, 2011

I’ve made a change across all the squidoo LensLove modules, adding a Join Squidoo button. Most of my lenses have no sign up button, but the ones that do get a lot of referrals, so it seemed a good (and unobtrusive) place to put one across all my titles. I also added a Digg button, although […]

Squidoo lenses and OpenGraph

| November 18, 2011

The first thing to mention is that Squidoo have tried to tie up with Facebook’s Opengraph. We are all meant to classify our lenses to make it easier for Facebook to learn about the type of people who visit out lenses. If you do classify them, you can’t go back and remove the tag, and […]

More thoughts on Wizzley

| November 3, 2011

A second Wizzley page, this time about a certain set of free non-fiction ebooks:Ciamar Price’s ebooksMy general thoughts are that the interface is easy to use. It reminds me more of hubpages than squidoo, particularly with positioning. The modules are not as flexible as the squidoo versions, but it has a better range of options […]