A day out – and in the cockpit

| September 27, 2009

View Larger MapToday was a busy day in Aviation. I missed: – XH558 at SouthPort Airshow – XL426 at SouthEnd Visit the Vulcan Day – Croydon Airport 50th Anniversary flypastand instead attended one of Gatwick Aviation Museum’s few open days.With not one, but two Avro Shackletons (including one of the only two running Mk3’s in […]

A Lotus Update

| September 15, 2009

According to Lotus Central, 15th September 2009, it looks as though Team Lotus are in for the 2010 Forumla One Season (got to love Twitter for breaking news!). My Lotus lens has a link to the full story.If they are in, then now they just need to live up to the name.I am currently rather […]

Bournemouth Airshow

| August 22, 2009

Just got back from the Saturday. Despite the best efforts of British Rail when the train broke down halfway, we managed to mget there for part of the morning. I have the photographer’s sunburn to prove it – through Factor 70, so if you are going take your sunscreen and long sleeves!Sad news about the […]

Squidoo Summer School complete

| August 6, 2009

Eight lenses over eight weeks. Doesn’t sound like much compared to target 200, but it’s a lot harder when someone else is setting the rules. I just submitted my completed list for assessment.http://www.squidoo.com/farthing-downs-tourhttp://www.squidoo.com/most-prized-possessionhttp://www.squidoo.com/yo-sushihttp://www.squidoo.com/grace-spitfirehttp://www.squidoo.com/zopa-lendinghttp://www.squidoo.com/the-highwaymanhttp://www.squidoo.com/633-squadron-operation-valkyriehttp://www.squidoo.com/chelsea-physic-gardenAnd over the course of it, I’d say it’s given me a chance to try lenses outside my normal remit, a chance to […]

Making Topaz Jewellery

| July 31, 2009

Feeling slightly better this morning so I got this one off the backburner:Making Topaz Jewelleryhttp://www.squidoo.com/topaz-jewellery-makingIt covers making jewellery using backset pendants, (a type of prong setting) where to get supplies and Topaz stones and cabochons for practicing. It is part of a series fetauring my other jewellery making lenses on claw settings and snaptite. I […]

Make your own discovery Module

| July 24, 2009

Hopefully this is soon to be redundant if Squidoo bring back their own official module. However this is how to produce the “Discovery Module” I have been using for my test. My Video games lenses have gained a box that looks like this:Other Relevant Lenses:Console Game Reviews, Suikoden IV, Ico – Ueda’s classic game, Dark […]

Discovery module test update & new lens

| July 23, 2009

Discovery ModuleI couldn’t resist so I added it to a few more lenses, and am waiting to see the results. However it looks like Squidoo might be bringing it back themselves (announced on Squidu today!) which will save a lot of time on trying to code the thing to automatically pull in the right lenses.New […]

Discovery Modules

| July 20, 2009

The Mossie one was more successful than I thought, and I only rolled it out this morning. As a result, I’m doing a full test of a discovery-style module on the video games lenses.(e.g. Dark Cloud) Since I haven’t changed these lenses for a few months they are all fairly stable in traffic terms. This […]


| July 19, 2009

I had a suggestion that I should start adding my content to Zimbio, the wikizine article.Zimbio works by users submitting articles which are then adding to various zines set up by other users. Each article can nly be submitted to one ‘zine for obvious reasons (stops spamers) It can take automated feed from blogs so […]

#206 The Highwayman

| July 18, 2009

#206 The Highwayman by Alfred Noyeshttp://www.squidoo.com/the-highwaymanThis is another summer school lens. The challenge was to make a lens about something using only 5 modules. Pretty shortly afterwards this was relaxed to possibly not include the intro and Guestbook, but I went with the more restrictive version.It proved tricky as it wasn’t possible to add everything […]