Slush piles…

| February 19, 2010

I just got a reminder this morning of another reason not to small-press my book.Let me state, right here, right now, that I personally never want to deal with a slush pile again as long as I live. Remember, this was a small press publishing imprint. We didn’t just publish what I’d written – we […]

Self Publishing – the easy way?

| January 30, 2010

Thinking about it, there is another reason to get an agent which I have not mentioned. For some background, my first set of books were small press/self-published. This was a deliberate choice and an agent or publishing house was never considered, since in that niche everyone is. Entry is set-up your imprint, set up your […]

Why an agent?

| January 26, 2010

With novel number #3 going out to agents, the question that comes up is why? Why use an agent? Why not publish small press as I have before?I’m confident enough in the story to know I could publish it small press. I’ve published books before with small press (ignoring the freebies on lulu, there are also six formally […]