Godzilla – initial thoughts

| March 7, 2014

OK, I will be honest, I have been watching things Warner Brothers doesn’t want me to see. It involves Godzilla. Yeah I was desperate enough to dig up an archived copy of comicon footage. Yes, it was also awesome. (And yes, it vanished fifteen minutes after I found it…)The trailer is awesome, the teaser is […]

When Science becomes Fiction – drawing the line…

| August 26, 2013

I was reading this: Ten Classic Pitfalls When Writing About Science and Scientists I actually liked this article until I got to this:9. Pseudo ScienceTime travel, interstellar space travel, artificial gravity, etc – are all far beyond the realms of real science (certainly within the next 500 years). But are obviously uber-convenient devices to serve […]

Jupiter in flames – a stellar matter

| July 3, 2013

Regarding my “Science Fiction” post from a couple of days ago: I am getting a little irritated by the commentors who keep saying the end of 2010 means humanity would be wiped out by being caught between two suns. In the simulation I have seen (and been given five different links to), the user has […]