A quick update

| July 12, 2009

It’s mainly lens updates at the moment, although with 200 lenses this is going to take a while. A few things lensmasters might want to watch out for:The new templates, which were amended again this week for the advertising banners, have affected layout more seriously than I realised. For anyone who uses floats or complex […]

A purple star

| May 29, 2009

I got another purple star, this time for The Untouchables, to make a total of four. I’m nowhere near the top ranks in terms of number of stars, but I think I’m doing pretty well.What’s really funny is that immediately afterwards, two squidoo users visited the lens and rated it one star! Must be Al […]

A Purple star for Jervis Bay

| May 22, 2009

Jervis Bay and Convoy HX84 just got a purple star!The story of possibly the best known Atlantic convoy in World War Two, and the heroism of the merchant navy sailors when they were ambushed by the Admiral Scheer was a tricky one to write. A lot of the sources contradict each other, e.g. Wikipedia says […]

A second purple star!

| May 8, 2009

Madeira Wine just earned my second purple star!And Longitude just got made Lens of the Month at the British Literature group!

A Purple Star Award!

| May 1, 2009

Harrison’s Number 4 Timekeeper orChronometer for Finding LongitudeBuy From Art.comA very quick update: my lens Longitude just got a purple star award! Six purple stars are awarded each week for lens quality – there’s more about the award on squidoo.My first purple star, and I am absolutely delighted!(and since I’ve got the basic framework for […]