Progress on promos

| May 18, 2010

A very fast response, and I have a demo of a book trailer to review. At 20 seconds it’s not long, the concept is very simple, and it’s made with stock footage/audio so it’s cheap. We’ve got some time to revise it before the book comes out, but the basics are there. Best of all, […]

Contract update

| May 9, 2010

I heard back about the publishing contract. There are issues that the Society of Authors check flagged up, a few of which I’d already spotted and several of which I hadn’t. Now I need to carefully compose a letter to go back to the publisher asking about these and suggesting a few alternatives.The secondary issue […]

Another rejection

| April 16, 2010

I have another rejection from an agency. This is a form rejection, so it isn’t worth trying to decypher hidden meanings about plot, characterisation etc. Meanwhile the full manuscript is still across in Canada, with the publisher, hopefully being read and enjoyed. What I really wish I had not read was that it can take […]

And progress is made slowly…

| April 6, 2010

Over Easter I got two more rejections – one at 1am Easter Sunday. Both were form rejections, so no useful information or advice unfortunately. On the other hand that is the last of the UK ones for that manuscript, so hopefully the genre’s not as dead overseas. I’ve had the book on the left recommended […]

Another no? Who knows?

| February 12, 2010

I got back from work today to find a slip through the door stating that the postman had tried to deliver something, but it would not fit and was back at the sorting office. As usual for the local post, it had been delivered after the sorting office had closed for the day, so I […]

Cost of writing

| January 29, 2010

Something else they don’t mention is the cost. Sending out Royal Mail first class is between £2-3 per packet. Good quality envelopes that take synopsis, samples, query letters and (sometimes) CVs are not cheap – although this time I used Viking and bought in bulk.A few random thoughts on submissions, and speeding the process.1) Don’t […]

Why an agent?

| January 26, 2010

With novel number #3 going out to agents, the question that comes up is why? Why use an agent? Why not publish small press as I have before?I’m confident enough in the story to know I could publish it small press. I’ve published books before with small press (ignoring the freebies on lulu, there are also six formally […]