Two news lenses and a new LOTD

| May 20, 2009

#132 Rupert Gould John Harrison as tie-ins to my Longitude lens, these are both SquidWho lenses about the people concerned. I don’t really get on with the squidowho layout so there’s not as much detail as I’d normally put. Still trying to do lens images since there aren’t any royal free ones I can use.And […]

A second purple star!

| May 8, 2009

Madeira Wine just earned my second purple star!And Longitude just got made Lens of the Month at the British Literature group!

A Purple Star Award!

| May 1, 2009

Harrison’s Number 4 Timekeeper orChronometer for Finding LongitudeBuy From Art.comA very quick update: my lens Longitude just got a purple star award! Six purple stars are awarded each week for lens quality – there’s more about the award on squidoo.My first purple star, and I am absolutely delighted!(and since I’ve got the basic framework for […]