A new lens and update

| July 27, 2009

I’ve added the “discovery module” to my hatching game lenses and jewellery lenses. Lets see if it works. Even if they restore the discovery module I might leave these up – it’s definitely had an effect (my average lensrank jumped from 240K to 130K). Two new lenses went live this morning, but I still have […]

New lens: Topaz Jewellery

| July 22, 2009

A new lens done – it’s yet another jewellery one because I am not up to writing large pieces of original content at the moment (or I’d probably be doing bukisa articles instead of lenses!)Zimbio seems to be working at rather well in terms of traffic, so I will have to sit down and write […]

Projects updates

| July 21, 2009

Discovery ModuleMy CSS box has been up on all the video lenses for one day, and already seems to be having an effect. The pages have had slightly more traffic than I expected, which seems to be cross-lens from the box itself. I’ve tried it in a range of places on different lenses and its […]

Discovery Modules

| July 20, 2009

The Mossie one was more successful than I thought, and I only rolled it out this morning. As a result, I’m doing a full test of a discovery-style module on the video games lenses.(e.g. Dark Cloud) Since I haven’t changed these lenses for a few months they are all fairly stable in traffic terms. This […]

More musings about Green links and discovery modules

| July 20, 2009

I am seriously considering turning them off. As I said before, if I want green advert links in my text I could create my own easily enough and not share revenue (Half the affiliates on commission junction offer that option). Looking at the pros and cons:Leaving them on gives on big advantage – money. Apparently […]

A new camera – at last!

| July 17, 2009

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Montage by tirialView more Dinosaur PostersI spent yesterday struggling with Photoshop, trying to get the resolution on the images to a decent level for Zazzle. The result was things like the poster on the left. It forced me to admit that mabe my old camera (which I have had for several years […]

Squidoo Charity Advice

| July 14, 2009

Well, I just posted my first piece of advice to a Squidoo charity. It’s difficult to know what level to pitch it at, so I’m hoping I haven’t made it too basic or folksy. Now I just need to wait for feedback.Although the guidelines say write 3 or so paragraphs and provide a link, there […]

#202 The Grace Spitfire

| July 9, 2009

Lens #202 The Grace Spitfirehttp://www.squidoo.com/grace-spitfireAbout the Grace Spitfire (ML407) and Carolyn Grace the only female spitfire pilot in the world. I’d been considering this for a while, but there’s a distinct lack of material online outside the official site. Nonetheless, when the Squidoo summer school assignment for the week was someone you felt should be […]

A new badge & Squid Squad updates

| July 8, 2009

I just got this in my inbox. As you can imagine, I am rather chuffed particualrly since the award was by voting from other Squid Squad members! The Squid Squad did very well:Every member going for giant who got more than 50 lenses made itThe Top 100 Team won the challenge with 221 lensesSquid Squad […]

Badges Update

| July 5, 2009

I’ve been doing some updating and might take a break from new lenses for a while, while I go through and get my old ones up to scratch. It’s surprising how poor some of my earlier lenses look to me now I’ve had a bit more practice. Meanwhile I’ve added my Giant 100 badge to […]