The fine line between syndication and stealing

| November 12, 2011

I am absolutely furious. One of my articles is on the second page of search results of google. It hasn’t had a hit in months. The first page of search results are “syndicated” versions. This shouldn’t annoy me, after all it is available through creative commons.What does annoy me is that the licence the article […]

And progress is made slowly…

| April 6, 2010

Over Easter I got two more rejections – one at 1am Easter Sunday. Both were form rejections, so no useful information or advice unfortunately. On the other hand that is the last of the UK ones for that manuscript, so hopefully the genre’s not as dead overseas. I’ve had the book on the left recommended […]

It’s the waiting that’s a killer…

| March 26, 2010

Everything on my life right now seems to depend on waiting. To give you an idea, I am selling a flat and waiting to hear from potential buyers after viewing, waiting to hear interview results, and on top of that I have two novels currently sitting with publishers and agents. So as I checked my […]

Articles and More

| March 25, 2010

After real life got in the way yesterday, I’m now back to writing articles on Bukisa. Porting my old game reviews is taking longer than I thought – not least because my writing style and voice has changed over the years so instead of a direct port, I am re-writing them. Great for search engine […]

A new article: The Surrey Iron Railway

| December 9, 2009

A new article on Bukisa:About the Surrey Iron Railway.I am turning several of my lenses into articles after a number of users requested printable versions. My initial experiments with Lulu and free e-books was interesting, but there were complaints about download speed for the PDFs – and a few users whose security settings would not […]

Twitter, and two articles on PCI DSS

| June 13, 2009

Well, I’ve thrown a couple of articles onto Bukisa about the PCI DSS standard. Since I don’t have any lenses on the subject it’s a good chance to see how well my content does as a stand-alone article. An Introduction to PCI-DSS A brief introduction to the standard for securing credit card details for e-commerce.The […]

The new squidoo

| June 12, 2009

Well, they’ve put the new Squidoo live.My first impressions are mixed. The shorter bios mean I have 150 lenses to rework, but aside from that and some HTML tweaks there’s not too much to do on that front. From a useability standard point it is much much better with easier bookmark links, a smaller titlebar, […]