The Referendum

Posted By on June 23, 2016

I voted today, first thing, in the rain. It was worth it, and possibly the only thing I can do that would affect history.

Almost one hundred years ago today my great-grandfather took part in an event that made history and in the process inhaled the mustard gas that would eventually kill him. All I have to do is put a tick in a box.

There’s really no excuse not to.

And with that in mind, both campaigns have really annoyed me. Things like the Tampon Tax and VAT Place of Supply appear to have been forgotten by Leave, Brand Protection and Unique Supply likewise not mentioned by Remain. The Remain Tolerant/Leave Racist row is just tiring and insulting, since it can so easily be flipped: who’s racist, the people who want to trade with and travel to the whole world(Leave) or those who want to give preference to a predominantly white proportion of it (Remain)? The Cold War, with all its puppet conflicts, and Bosnia seem to have been forgotten by both.

Please could we have a little more focus on facts and figures in campaigns in future and much less showboating? And I do include flotillas on the Thames in that.

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  1. Lynda says:

    If the campaigns annoyed you, why didn’t you do better?

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