When Science becomes Fiction – drawing the line…

| August 26, 2013

I was reading this: Ten Classic Pitfalls When Writing About Science and Scientists I actually liked this article until I got to this:9. Pseudo ScienceTime travel, interstellar space travel, artificial gravity, etc – are all far beyond the realms of real science (certainly within the next 500 years). But are obviously uber-convenient devices to serve […]


| August 8, 2013

After some consideration, we’ve just joined Fiverr. You might remember the hug kerfuffle back in July/August when a certain person-who-shall-not-be-named decided to use (misuse) our Paypal account after signing the company up to Fiverr without telling people. The fallout from that is still ongoing. However, it did bring Fiverr to our attention. On review it […]

Female leads in sci-fi.

| August 6, 2013

There seem to be a lot of people complaining that there are no female leads in modern science fiction, usually from the same people complaining not five seconds before about the Doctor Who announcement.  The problem is that there are. They cover the whole range of science fiction:Honor Harrington (space opera),the Grimspace series (soft sci-fi),Killgrace […]