“Really Technical”…oh really?

| June 30, 2013

This blog was initially about challenges. Tech support is proving one.If you – my client – tell me you are “really technical” please clarify if:You run your own server under your deskYou have a VPS or managed service and write your own backend scriptsYou’ve done some HTML/Javascript on websites.You’ve used WordYou can turn the computer […]

When “because science” becomes “because fiction”

| June 27, 2013

Just a post about a pet peeve in science fiction, or one of the reasons I don’t watch sci-fi TV very often anymore since it makes me want to throw things.  Also known as when “because science” becomes “because fiction”.An annoying trend in television science fiction is the nanite conversion. The idea of a species […]

A follow-up to E3

| June 23, 2013

After my last post we witnessed the Sony presentation (staying up until 2am). I said all they needed to do was not mess it up, and indeed they did not. Instead they hit it for six, clear across the boundary, and rounded off with a price point almost £100 under Microsoft.The share price reacted instantly.PS4 […]

CYA and Cynicism

| June 21, 2013

A rare political post, but sometimes people just ask for it. My local conservative councillor has just sent a “Let Britain decide” email to voters in the county, pushing for a referendum on Europe. There are a few problems with this. She was a councillor, following the party line, when:David Cameron went back on his […]

E3 and consoles

| June 10, 2013

I really have slipped – I have not created a technology category on this blog and I did not realise until E3.This is going to be an interesting week. The Xbox fan in the office is going to be watching tonight’s reveal with what appears to be a shrinking feeling of dread. The rest of […]