Project Wonderful and Networked Ads

| December 31, 2011

Since the last post was a bit of a downer I thought I’d close on an up-note for 2011.A quick update on the spammer: We reported them to our hoster for DOS who took a look at the logs and banned him. I was very impressed with the speed this occurred: many virtual jaffas to […]

Pet Hatchery and spam

| December 30, 2011 is one of our new sites.The hatchery was live two days when it was hit by a Ukrainian auto-spammer. He got IP-blocked but hasn’t taken the hint – he’s still visiting every minute even though all he can see of the site is a 403 refuse page.So after 24 hours, in which serving the […]

Smashwords Tools

| December 28, 2011

My latest coding project: set of smashwords widgets to help authors promote themselves and their books. They’ve passed a closed alpha (with no website) a closed beta (with no website) and are now in open beta with a website and simple links. The install scripts are down to one line of code and take one […]

Thoughts on comments

| December 23, 2011

I have my guestbooks and comments on full moderation and it is just as well.So far in 2011 I’ve had to moderate comments from some charming individuals. So far ones that never went live included details on where to get pirate books, some outright racist comments (on a thread about children’s games? Where do these […]

A new Lens – Sample Sunday

| December 18, 2011

A new lens, focusing on a hashtag. SampleSunday is a weekly hashtag focusing on authors providing samples, free downloads and exerpts from their books.Each Sunday, the tweets can be found under #SampleSunday, and they often have a second hashtag for format e.g. #ebook, #print etc, and another for genre e.g. #thriller, #kids. and provide a […]

Smashwords widgets

| December 17, 2011

I’m busy coding again. A few widgets for Smashwords to display books etc, which are now in closed beta. I’d forgotten what a pain cross-browser issues could be , but on the bright side Smashwords have been very helpful indeed.For anyone wondering about the API issue with accessing the data, I can confirm that the […]


| December 15, 2011

I got an early christmas present. It’s a URL. I think that makes me a techie (certainly a happy techie!). little pet hatchery appears to be taking off, to the extent that it used up unacceptable amounts of my test server bandwidth. This despite the fact it is still in testing. So now there […]

Smashwords project

| December 13, 2011

A fairly major project now is Smashwords. I couldn’t find an API or RSS that supplied what I wanted for a widget, so I haven’t yet got to the widget bits. Instead I ended up building a supporting package – three types of XML file and a lightweight PHP library to expose the data in […]

Christmas changes and teddy bears

| December 8, 2011

It seems to be the week that web companies annoy me enough to do things I should have done ages ago.The Regretsy debacle finally got me closing my Paypal account. There’s been nothing in it since someone sent me money by mistake and Paypal charged me the money I’d saved in it to return the […]

A new lens: Indie Firsts

| December 7, 2011

Another new lens, this one about an Indie Magazine. Indie Firsts offers first chapters from books by indie (small press and self-published) authors.Published by an imprint of Bards and Sages publishing, this is a good place to find new authors among the huge tide of ebooks and print books coming out.