More coding work

| November 30, 2011

After the furor over users who found lenses on squidoo about how to make pipe bombs (more here) I’m stepping back from lenses to work on other projects for a few days.The hatchery code is nearly there. Magistream is pretty much complete and I’ve thrown it out for an open test.DragonCave is proving trickier, as […]


| November 29, 2011

This was not expected: apparently I just won NanoWriMo. My word count says I’m only on 40,000 words, so I think their count is off. Still, I haven’t finished the story, so I will keep writing and see if I can get my count to the target level.

More coding

| November 28, 2011

Some more writing done, although Nano looks like it’s turning into a set of linked short stories more than a novel. Trying to code and write at the same time is really cutting into my time.The hatchery now has a manual “remove creatures” option for both magistream and Dragon Cave, and a check for Dragon […]

Coding a hatchery

| November 27, 2011

Not much writing done today. Instead I was polishing up some work on a hatchery for the Magistream and Dragon Cave lenses. It’s in alpha, but you can put creatures in and click on them, which means it can be used. There are a few things to work on, like integration with lenses which will […]

Should v Will

| November 25, 2011

I should– be keeping traffic numbers up for the blogs for Project Wonderful– be writing more squidoo lenses– be building backlinks to promote my pages– be writing more Wizzley pages.Instead, since I got very little writing done recently, I will be doing Nano.50,000 words. 5 days left. Tight deadline…Time to type!Updates:10:49 am, 1,200 Words.11:30 am, […]


| November 24, 2011

A new lens, largely because I spotted a URL free that was too good to pass up. review of my currently preferred publishing plaform, ways to use it, what’s in it for readers and more – including their affiliate scheme. I was rather stunned to find the URL available, as it had been “Under Construction” […]

A new lens, a book launch, a new ebook and a busy week

| November 23, 2011

A new lens went up:History ebooksThis is a reworking of the 2009 lens about Lens Companions. After I looked at the lens companions lens I realised just how out of date it was, and that the URL was no longer appropriate either. So I created a new lens for these ebooks. It has also replaced […]

Squidoo referrals button in a module.

| November 22, 2011

I’ve made a change across all the squidoo LensLove modules, adding a Join Squidoo button. Most of my lenses have no sign up button, but the ones that do get a lot of referrals, so┬áit seemed a good (and unobtrusive) place to put one across all my titles. I also added a Digg button, although […]

Mini sinks and Basins

| November 19, 2011

That’s right, a wizzley page on DIY. I’m not sure why I did this one on Wizzley rather than squidoo, except that it just seemed to fit the layout better.Micro sinks and basins – all about tiny sinks for cloackrooms, half baths and converting waterclosets into either. These are sinks with less than 9 inches […]

Squidoo lenses and OpenGraph

| November 18, 2011

The first thing to mention is that Squidoo have tried to tie up with Facebook’s Opengraph. We are all meant to classify our lenses to make it easier for Facebook to learn about the type of people who visit out lenses. If you do classify them, you can’t go back and remove the tag, and […]