What a day!

| June 30, 2010

Today has not been good: Routine boiler check: Several hundred pounds in repairs and the plumber coming back tomorrow.Flat sale: After all the paperwork & legal checks were done, and the buyer was supposed to sign yesterday, he now wants to ask even more questions. This comes after we’ve had a trickle of questions one […]

This week.

| June 29, 2010

If last week was a rollercoaster, this week can be summed up as worry. I find myself second guessing everything I did last week: Did I address it to the right department? Is it sitting lost forever in a slushpile somewhere? Are they going to be interested? Is it really what they are looking for?It’s […]

The week in summary

| June 25, 2010

As of Monday I had a book deal, at final galley stage. The week in summary:Monday – Suggestion that they would not be able to exploit publicity/distribution. Offered a release.Tuesday – Accepted the release. Back to submitting to agents. Arranged a fallback to self-pub just in case.Wednesday – Contacted an established UK house for permission […]

An interesting week.

| June 24, 2010

If you’d told me the Monday before last about this week, I’d never have believed you. Try “Rollercoaster” for an example of how I feel right now.You see my book was let go, not because it got too little interest, but because it got too much. Apparently since the publisher had switched to POD and […]

Cats and targets

| June 17, 2010

The cats are at the vets, and not happy about it. We get them back this afternoon, fully recovered hopefully.Meanwhile I’m back to working on the writing. My sales target for Year 1: 5,000.It’s going to be tricky. Because of the way Bewrite works my access to my standard distribution channels (which got the self-published […]

Testimonials and endorsements.

| June 15, 2010

And now I am on the road, hunting for endorsements and testimonials which can make or break a book. The problem I have is that I got a number of subject matter experts to contibute (and they were extremely helpful, so thank you very much for handling all my endless queries), but these are not […]

Different markets and promo nerves

| June 14, 2010

With my first publication, it was a small, specialised and generally friendly market: one where even reviewers who slate your work are likely to run into you at the next convention and give some decent feedback, and you spend you time chatting to competitors about joint ventures, successes and ways to promote the entire market. […]

First Novel Nerves

| June 13, 2010

Oh dear. At the moment my brain is working in fits and starts at best. The final version went back to the editor yesterday, and now I am left extremely nervous. Instead of working on my other novels, I find myself torn between frantic promotion setup and reassuring my cat that he is in fact […]

Dueling expert syndrome

| June 4, 2010

Something I have learned and want to pass on to budding novelists: Once you’ve done your research and written the book, don’t ever, ever, go back for a second opinion. They won’t agree. Put two experts and a room and get three opinions (actually about five and a lively ongoing debate in my case).On the […]