Updates and Zazzle

| October 30, 2009

I am about halfway through an update to all my lenses, adding MediaStorehouse images and links, correcting several broken links, and revising the content.My other update was a new set of products created on Zazzle for my Stephen and Matilda blog, as well as some more generic ones made for general sales. Matilda is doing […]

Feedmysearch issue

| October 27, 2009

Anyone using Feedmysearch might have noticed that they have been having issues. Having hoped that they would work through them, I now find this was a mistake on my part. The feeds I have created on each page now display a large ad saying that Feedmysearch is going down unless extra funding can be found.I […]

A general update

| October 26, 2009

My time is currently being taken up with a sick cat. Thankfully, he now seems to be on the mend, and I can get back to writing, making lenses and work (the thing that puts food on the table and cat food in the bowl).The novel is now at a publisher, and sitting with a […]

Mosquito Images alert

| October 21, 2009

I think I’ve finally got linking working and have started adding a few images from the datafeed to the de Havilland Mosquito page. One of the best is this cutaway view of the Mosquito Mark II:DH Mosquito NF11: Published 06/05/43 – Media StorehouseUnfortunately it doesn’t have a preview image available, or it would be straight […]

A small update

| October 20, 2009

Well, I’ve got permission for the aircraft photos but their link widgets don’t work with the sites I need to use them on, so some creaive coding may have to take place.Yesterday I got a lens set up for the google site I am working on, and it’s already getting some traffic. Squidoo are trying […]

Updates and a new google site

| October 19, 2009

Well, a few updates from here:First, novel #3’s wih an agent. Lets see if it gets picked up.I’ve found an interesting resource for aircraft photos and written off for permission to use them. I should hear back in a couple of days, but if I get it, then my aircraft lenses should be getting a […]

Done it

| October 13, 2009

November is for Writing by thefunkhouseView more Nanowrimo T-Shirts I have just finished 60,000 words in less than four weeks. I am exhausted. Novel No 3 is ready to go out the door.And in a month’s time I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo, if I get any ideas between now and then.The cats are driving […]

Good, better, best

| October 11, 2009

Good… is that squidoo appear to have sorted their reporting out. I noticed yesterday that the figures were now correct for those lenses (and even a few others – like the one that was showing royalties I earned in a month that hasn’t happened yet).Better… is that I gave my manuscript to an editor yesterday. […]

Somethings a bit screwed up

| October 9, 2009

I heard from Squidoo.According to them my two top charity performers got $14’s each. According to my royalties page, they got rather less (in one case $0.08 cents).Unsurprisingly, I’ve queried this. As the by-month payment data only goes up to July, it looks like I may be sitting down and doing a spreadsheet of all […]

Squidoo, Infolinks payments and annoyance

| October 8, 2009

Well, they have paid. Unfortunately the infolinks are turned on on my hatching lenses (they were never turned off), and none of them received an infolinks payment. Similarly the money missing from last month’s update did not arrive. Given that my Googlesite just outperformed (in the last seven days), any single one of my lenses […]