More tuning, and UK links

| April 30, 2009

The ShepherdWell, I’ve been back to tuning my lenses. After finding a large problem with the Clearspring module for (e.g. IE security settings can block it, breaking the entire page) I’m running through all the lenses where I had used it and replacing it with standard affiliate links to Amazon. This is also giving […]

Madeira – New lens #108

| April 29, 2009

Lens Number #108 new day and finally a new lens. The Brunel ones are fun but tiring, so I threw together this lens on Madeira, a fortified wine that I like. I’ve even located an eBay shop that sells it for the lens. However, there is no guideline on whether you can sell alcoholic drinks […]

Willard Price Portal finally live

| April 28, 2009 this is actually a squidoo lens, or to be precise, sixteen of them. A bit of backstory for this one: Some time ago I set to work on a set of lenses about Willard Price and his Adventure series. If you aren’t familiar with the books Willard Price, a naturalist and author, wrote a […]

Brunel’s Great Ships

| April 28, 2009

The Steamship of Brunel and Scott Russell in Full SteamBuy From Art.comTop 100 Progress today has largely been tuning my existing lenses.The three Brunel lenses about his Great Ships have been updated, so I am happier with them. The legendary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel built three ships during his career, each of which represented a […]

Directory of Lenses

| April 27, 2009

Since I got over 100 lenses, trying to keep track of them all has been a bit difficult. As a result I’ve set up a directory of the lenses and am slowly adding all my lenses to it. layout is reasonable, but I’m still trying to figure out how to put a search on it. […]

Top 100 Club

| April 26, 2009

This is very much a test post, since I don’t blog, but everyone starts somewhere right?Since I’m working on getting into the Squidoo Top 100 I thought I’d start a blog to track progress. I’ve got over 100 lenses now, but several of these won’t count for the challenge. By June I want to be […]