First page of the Stephen and Matilda archive.

Here we go again.

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Thought for the day
The more things change,
The more they stay the same

It’s been a while since last posting and despite the years little has changed for the two terrible tabbies. They still love their food, still play in the garden, still chase the other cats who might cross their path.

Then again, they have found a variety of new places to sleep, on top of wardrobes, the back of a sofa and finally on a lap. They did spend several years finding places to curl up, including sitting on laps, but never sleeping on them. Admittedly, I was fast asleep stretched out on the sofa at the time  and work up to find Stephen fast asleep on top of me.

Matilda is still addicted to sunny spots, but is braver than she was, daring to go outside without having her big brother around to make sure it is all safe first.

Who knows what else they may get up to…¬†

Snow and cats and cold weather…

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Thought for the day
It’s cold…

On the first day the white flakes started drifting down, much to to consternation of the cats. Stephen remembered this from last christmas, and he remembered he didn’t like it. After failed attempts to persuade me to change the weather and turn the thermostat on the world outside up, he sulked. Matilda took one look, decided it was a) cold and b) wet and went to sleep by a radiator.

The second day. Stephen stared out of the window all day, ears flat back. He is going a bit crazy being cooped up, but runs away when the door is opened. Matilda, being sensible, migrated to her nest under the bed, determinedly dragging her food bowl behind her.

The third day. Matilda is setting up a holiday home under there. All you can usually see are two wide green eyes looking out.

Stephen? He was brave enough to step outside, although you have to admire his determination not to walk on snow –

– and that was where he ran out of snowfree bits to tread on, paused turned and headed back in.

This morning is shaping up to be similar. It’s stopped snowing but it froze overnight, so the road is like an icerink. The cats took one look and Stephen and Matilda are now curled up together.

Considering who had been out the previous day enjoying the snow, I’m quite glad the cats hate it:

A tale of two cat toys

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One bad, one good. Since we had to get some essentials for the cats from a specialist shop (since Stephen killed the litter scoop and the fountain was choking), we also picked up two new toys.We were very disappointed with the catnip mice. They were a new make, but once I got them out of […]

An open letter on boxes

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Dear cats,Your owners are preparing to attend a public event. We know this is interesting, with all the boxes and sheets and luggage that is being moved around in your house. That said, you need to understand there are certain places you do not belong at the moment:a) in the boxesb) in the luggage. No […]

Their own Wizzley Page

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A quick break from tails of the twosome, to mention they now have their own Wizzley page. It has a few thoughts on adopting an older cat (don’t expect them to be sedate and boring just because they aren’t kittens!) features from this blog and, of course, photos.Stephen and MatildaAs it gets towards winter, and […]

Cats and Taps

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Thought for the dayI’m not sure but I know what the evidence points to…A few days ago I noticed the lever tap on the bath was turned on in the middle of the day. Thinking that was a bit odd, I turned it off. When it happened again, I thought we needed new taps. Matilda […]