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Kibble Ball part 2

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Dear Stephen,

We went to the trouble of getting you a kibble ball for “environmental enrichment” and, let’s be blunt, exercise. The idea is that we put kibble in it and you roll it to get the kibble. You weren’t supposed to look at the kibble that fell out, trot across to your empty kibble dish and raise a furry eyebrow at us.

Attempt two with catnip treats worked well. However, pushing it slowly with your nose while holding your mouth open so the food just drops in is rather reminscent of Garfield, and does rather defeat the “exercise” part of the plan. Working out how to eat and avoid excercise at the same time is very clever but unless you want to turn back into the couch-kitty you were when you came to us, you’re going to have to get some exercise.

Your staff

A tale of two cat toys

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One bad, one good. Since we had to get some essentials for the cats from a specialist shop (since Stephen killed the litter scoop and the fountain was choking), we also picked up two new toys.

The mouse with whiskers half through.
The open seam and stuffing coming out

We were very disappointed with the catnip mice. They were a new make, but once I got them out of the bag:
– One had an open seam
– The whiskers, made of fine thread, could be pulled entirely through one side and out the other – dangerous if a cat eats it
– the stuffing was coming out through a single mesh out layer.
– I had to use modelling tweezers to retrieve bits of plastic tie from inside it

We won’t be giving those to the cats, for obvious reasons. There will be a complaint going in.

The other toy was a plastic ball with holes in. We tried filling it with kibble, and Stephen gave us a distainful look and went to the kibble bowl. So we put a few catnip drops in it.

He rolled it disdainfully, and then one of the drops came out. He scooped it up in a paw and examined it curiously. Then he sniffed it. Then whatever he’d picked up was subjected to a furious licking, munching and chewing. Suddenly they got the idea. Stephen was rolling it along the floor with his nose for a while, while Matilda licked his head. When he got tired she took over “driving”.

Now they are both flat out on the floor, guarding their little ball in case it dispenses more treats.

The blue ball that is their new favourite toy