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RIP – Stephen

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Last Wednesday, Stephen was still his usual bouncy ball of intelligence that ruled the house.

Then on Thursday and Friday we noticed he was looked thinner and not eating. We took him to the vet for an overnight stay and they released him on Saturday, a little worse for wear and a bit grumpy, but having been given the all-clear. But he wasn’t ok. Through Saturday night and into Sunday, he wasn’t eating and just lying around. We took him back in on Monday to see what else could be wrong. A scan showed a large mass in his abdomen and when the vets went in, it had spread to multiple organs. There was nothing we could do for him, the vets carefully stitched him up and brought him home for one final visit.

He passed away at 2:30pm surrounded by those who loved him.

I can’t believe it. He’s gone.

Starving Stephen

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Stephen got rushed to the vet yesterday night. On Monday he was sick several times. One Tuesday it looked as if he couldn’t keep anything down.

We were worried: worms? Kidney failure?

No. While the vet did shave a small patch and take blood samples, as well as giving us an extra worming tablet, it is something much more basic. It seems even cats can eat bad food.

Good news? It’s not serious. The bad news? This means starving Stephen for twenty-four hours. As a rescue cat he already has food issues and tend to panic if food is removed.

It’s been twelve hours since we were told, in which time he has
– ferreted out some grotty old biscuits
– sampled the curtains
– gone through the rubbish bin
– and when we got up this mornoing parked himself by the toilet roll and began to munch.

He’s also attacking his sister non-stop. Feeding Matilda is eventful since it involves luring a cat who hates confinement into a room, putting food down quickly and then holding the doorhandle to stop Stephen getting in.

The vet says that he can have rice and chicken to settle his stomach after twenty-four hours. Since he hasn’t eating anything since midday yesterday, we’re both wondering if we can wait until six to give it to him.

Meanwhile the looks, protests, and silent miaows are heart-breaking.

Update: We cracked and put down the plain rice and chicken. Stephen gave it one sniff, gave us an appalled look with a general expression of “What on earth is this!?” and is now ostentatiously ignoring us.

We should have done this last night. He would have voluntarily starved himself and we would have had a more peaceful evening.

Vet visit results

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Got back from the vet last night, and he’s recovering nicely. The two claws are beginning to grow back under the scabs, and when she cleaned it out the back claw is healing nicely. It looks a lot better than it did, and he’s running around on it quite happily. Now we just have to […]

Two miserable cats

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The Vet trip is tomorrow and as descaling teeth requires both cats to be put under anaesthetic, you have to take all their food up the night before and their water in the morning. In other words, “Nil by Mouth” for cats.Since the plates of the last meal and their kibble came up, they have […]

A good start to the new Year

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Well, they both got to go to the V.E.T today for a routine check up to make sure they are alright.First, it was carefully getting out the carriers, cleaning them off, making sure they are still intact and above all not giving the game away to Stephen and Matilda. Fortunately, both of them were asleep […]

Mixed news from the vet

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Just got back from Stephen’s checkup. Aside from a comment from the vet that he’d forgotten what a big boy he was, (something we had become acutely aware of carrying him in) the news was mixed.Stephen’s conjunctivitis is clearing up so hopefully his eyes will be alright. However due to mouth issues that could indicate […]

Not-so-good news – an update

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They came back from their jabs and vet trip this morning, with thanks to the lady from the Cats Protection who went with us. They’ve had their jabs and they’ve both lost weight, possibly due to the stress of the rehoming. In three weeks time they will be fully protected and can go outside. Otherwise […]