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Unnatural Prey

Posted by tirial on May 1, 2015 with No Comments
Dear Matilda,

USB cables do not taste good. They also do not need to be pulled out of the computer and stashed under the bed (although at least you seem to have some grasp of electrical safety).

Please go back to sitting on the windowsill and your trash-talking competition with the magpies. It’s safer.


Cough does not equal cat…

Posted by tirial on January 23, 2015 with No Comments
Dear Matilda,

You are not as subtle as you think.

First, those are cough sweets, not cat sweets.

Second, sitting on my Keyboard and trying to sniff my nose will not distract me from the fact your paw is almost bent double trying to reach the cough sweet tube behind you to claw one out. I’m not sure whether you want to eat it or just sniff it thoroughly, but either way, it is not good for you.

Yes, I have moved them (again) Yes, I am mean. Halls: not really meant for cats. Sorry.

Patient Owner.

A rotten trick

Posted by tirial on October 6, 2011 with No Comments

Thought for the day…A bad way to find out the cat has been sick in your shoe is when you put your foot in it.Yeah. That just happened. Both cats have a bad habit of caching food in places (e.g. the notorious incident with the prawns). We think it’s a holdover from their origins, but […]

Give a cat a pill the easy way

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Thought for the day:Whiskas Sticks – the bloodless way to give a cat a pill. Thank you Whiskas!1) Break off small section2) Push pill into it3) Give to cat.4) Munching ensures5) Cat looks at bare floor6) Cat looks at you7) Give cat another small bit to avoid further claw/skin contact8) (Optional) Give his sister a […]

An injury

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(Four days ago)Dear Stephen,We need to talk. You are getting a reputation at the vet as the cat that got trapped by a boiler/ate string/raided a bin/and various other completely unnecessary and expensive accidents.Walking in today with your paw covered in blood, rolling over and refusing to move is a good way to scare your […]

What do I do with it? Part 4

Posted by tirial on August 4, 2011 with No Comments

Confirmed from the wildlife sanctuary: The bird is fine, recovered and has even found a companion in their aviary. The sanctuary will be releasing it into a nature reserve in August.The hospital that did all this work with the bird, and rescued Stephen’s would-be lunch was the London Wildcare Trust. We were very impressed, and […]

An upcoming trip to the V-E-T

Posted by ruaria on June 8, 2011 with No Comments

A year has rolled round since they last went to the vet to have their teeth checked and descaled and now its time to do it again. Another day of taking their food away early and having them be nervous.Fortunately this is just for a check up, we are not expecting them to have to […]

What do I do with it? Part 3

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We contacted the Wildlife sanctuary today to see if there was an update on the fledgling we took in.We were a bit worried to find out there was no update, but they only update if the animal has been released or has died. The fledgling has, at least, survived this far, had its antibiotic injection […]

What do I do with it? Part 2

Posted by ruaria on May 20, 2011 with No Comments

By the time I got there, Stephen had made several attempts at getting into the bedroom.It started with trying to put a paw under the door and rattle it open.Then he climbed on a box and tried to reach the handle.Then he tried to charge it at full speed and had to be picked up.Matilda […]

Cat in a box

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Thought for the day:A picture is worth a thousand words