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RIP – Stephen

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Last Wednesday, Stephen was still his usual bouncy ball of intelligence that ruled the house.

Then on Thursday and Friday we noticed he was looked thinner and not eating. We took him to the vet for an overnight stay and they released him on Saturday, a little worse for wear and a bit grumpy, but having been given the all-clear. But he wasn’t ok. Through Saturday night and into Sunday, he wasn’t eating and just lying around. We took him back in on Monday to see what else could be wrong. A scan showed a large mass in his abdomen and when the vets went in, it had spread to multiple organs. There was nothing we could do for him, the vets carefully stitched him up and brought him home for one final visit.

He passed away at 2:30pm surrounded by those who loved him.

I can’t believe it. He’s gone.

Dear Cat…

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Dear Stephen,

I know you are a rescue cat, and as such sometimes have bad dreams. I know that you need to be woken from these occassional nightmares or you are twitchy and depressed for hours. After last night I also know that I need better reflexes.

Lashing out against the dream monster is not your normal response, but I admire your quick reflexes. Had it been a dream monster, you would certainly have killed it. Unfortunately you then realised it was mummy’s hand and proceeded to cling on firmly, headbump it repeatedly and rub your nose over it.  I am sorry I was not more enamoured of thse affections, but it was getting blood over your nose – my blood to be precise.

Don’t get a taste for it.

On the other hand you have been very apologetic all day, and you’re too cute to be angry with.

The staff (who will be waking you at distance with a feather duster next time)

What do I do with it? Part 1

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It was quite the phone call I received…Stephen and Matilda had been out in the garden prowling around enjoying the sunshine and watching the birds. In particular the nest of some sparrows that have been set up in one of the nearby trees. It now being spring, it looks like some of the chicks had […]

All in a tangle

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I should have remembered that Stephen is the reason we have tied all the blind cords up well out of reach. I was untangling some string for the garden when this happened…Since the camera was to hand I snapped a few more shots before untangling the feline.

Escape Artist

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Thought for the dayThere’s no such thing as cat proofed.Last year we cat-proofed the garden to prevent the cats getting out. This involved nailing bits of wood over gaps, filling in foxpaths, repairing fences and generally doing a lot of little fixes. Last year it worked perfectly. So this weekend, we let them out into […]

A poly paw…

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I finally got a shot of it:Stephen’s paw. Yes, both those outer claws are fully opposable, which might explain why we’re fiting deadbolts everywhere and having to change bins.

Feline larder part two

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Thought for the day…Cute or not, they’re dead meat!The smell of fish has finally subsided, driven out by large amounts of bleah and airing. So, thought I, today will be quiet. They can’t pull something like this twice.I saw a T-shirt on the floor and thought, “Oh that shouldn’t be there” and picked it up. […]

Not undersized

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Since the vet said Stephen was underweight (at 6.9kg) and that he was one of the biggest cats he’d ever seen, when I found the furry thing asleep I thought I’d measure him.and yes, that is the two foot mark you can see.

A lot of trouble

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No thought for the day – this is not a funny update unfortunately.Never underestimate how much trouble an intelligent cat with opposable dew claws and no common sense can get into.In summary: Stephen opens cupboards. He managed to open the boiler cupboard and fell down behind the immersion heater. He was trapped upside down between […]