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A damp squib…

Posted by tirial on April 17, 2010 with No Comments

So, yesterday was the normal rush to get up, washed dressed and out for work on a Friday, looking forward to the weekend, no idea that this morning any feline would decide to do something not bright…And then, from the bathroom came this strange noise. It sounded a little like fingernails on a blackboard, then […]

An open letter about bathrooms

Posted by tirial on April 8, 2010 with No Comments

Dear Felines,I have a small issue to bring up to you – specifically that of a complete double standard you seem to hold. When I walk into the room while you are in the litter tray you stop and glare at me until I leave. As you like the tray in a secluded corner, under […]

A bad thing

Posted by tirial on April 1, 2010 with No Comments

Thought for the dayCatnip must be handled with careI did a bad thing. When refilling the catnip mouse I spilt a little, just a tiny, tiny touch, of dried catnip on the carpet. Cat owners can probably guess what happened next.I put the mouse down where I’d spilled the catnip to mark the spot (as […]

A late night wake up call.

Posted by tirial on March 28, 2010 with No Comments

It was one of the nights when you just can’t sleep. We were both staring at the wall, trying to nod off when, at about 3:20am I said the fatal words. “I’m bored.”At 3:23 am – and this I can be precise on – there was the noise of a cat being violently sick. All […]

Cat-related injuries (not what you’d think…)

Posted by tirial on March 23, 2010 with No Comments

A small crosspost from my blog: I’ve been feeling a bit light headed all day. Despite that I got everything done and finally slumped in front of my PC about half an hour ago. Which was when I touched my head and pulled away a red hand. And then I remembered what I’d done at […]

More photos

Posted by tirial on March 11, 2010 with No Comments

Apologies – due to my being under the weather this blog has not been updated recently. I do have at least three spectacular misadventures to report (including Stephen miaowing furiously to be let in – to the wrong house). For the moment however, here is a moment of cuteness from Matilda.The Queen of Cushions decided […]

And kitties get more expensive…

Posted by tirial on February 28, 2010 with No Comments

This post may read like a cat food ad – however if anyone knows how to get the fussy little things to actually eat cheap cat food, please give me a hint. At Christmas we gave them Felix pouches as a treat: they love them, and as we mentioned they won’t eat anything you’d normally […]

Skid Stops

Posted by tirial on February 23, 2010 with No Comments

So, as they are wont to do, Stephen and Matilda were re-fighting the civil war round our house. This usually involves chasing each other at high speed round the place, climbing on or knocking over anything not nailed down – the reason all our breakables are now safely in drawers. High shelves unfortunately proved not […]

One of those days

Posted by tirial on February 16, 2010 with No Comments

I had someone ask by PM whether it was always this frantic and if the cats ever showed signs of slowing down. The truth is, yes. They have crazy days, which give me the material for four or five posts, and then they go back to eating sleeping and being cat-like.Today is one of those […]

Battle for the bed

Posted by tirial on February 16, 2010 with No Comments

Thought for the day“Take the foot” is a turn of phrase that cats take too literally.Cats in Black and White by tirialBrowse more Cat T-Shirts There are few things as decadent as falling asleep in a bed with two cats sharing it. There are also few things as logistically complex – especially when one insists […]