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Bad table manners!

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Thought for the day
Even for a cat, that’s bad manners…

I’m nt sure whether he thinks the food will escape or what, but Stephen seems to have decided that his food bowl requries pinning down…
Stephen, standing on his food plate.

I’ve seen kittens do this before, because they can’t quite get to the food. In Stephen’s case he weighs more than the plate does, resulting – when he puts a paw wrong – in the effect we have dubbed the Food-a-pult. Luckily he’s standing right where the food goes, so it goes all over him, not the room. I sincerely hope this is not his new version of the catfood takeaway.

He’s bopped himself on the head with the plate a couple of times doing this, so we’re looking into ways to fasten it down. Otherwise we’ll have to switch to paper plates until this phase passes or accept a concussed cat.

Snow and cats and cold weather…

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Thought for the day
It’s cold…

On the first day the white flakes started drifting down, much to to consternation of the cats. Stephen remembered this from last christmas, and he remembered he didn’t like it. After failed attempts to persuade me to change the weather and turn the thermostat on the world outside up, he sulked. Matilda took one look, decided it was a) cold and b) wet and went to sleep by a radiator.

The second day. Stephen stared out of the window all day, ears flat back. He is going a bit crazy being cooped up, but runs away when the door is opened. Matilda, being sensible, migrated to her nest under the bed, determinedly dragging her food bowl behind her.

The third day. Matilda is setting up a holiday home under there. All you can usually see are two wide green eyes looking out.

Stephen? He was brave enough to step outside, although you have to admire his determination not to walk on snow –

– and that was where he ran out of snowfree bits to tread on, paused turned and headed back in.

This morning is shaping up to be similar. It’s stopped snowing but it froze overnight, so the road is like an icerink. The cats took one look and Stephen and Matilda are now curled up together.

Considering who had been out the previous day enjoying the snow, I’m quite glad the cats hate it:

A tale of two cat toys

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One bad, one good. Since we had to get some essentials for the cats from a specialist shop (since Stephen killed the litter scoop and the fountain was choking), we also picked up two new toys.We were very disappointed with the catnip mice. They were a new make, but once I got them out of […]

Matilda in Drawers

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Thought for the dayI nearly didn’t see her before I shut itSince this photo was taken Matilda has in fact managed to get herself shut in drawers. When I let her out, she was upset I’d disturbed her nap.

Cats and Thumbs

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Thought for the day…No, I’m serious, he really does have thumbsFor the last shot of Stephen’s thumbs I got accused of using Photoshop. I’m not sure why: polydactyl cats aren’t exactly rare. Look at the Hemmingway cats.So here’s another shot: showing him lying down with one of his back paws stretched out and the thumb […]

Stephen and Shoes

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Thought for the day…I thought only dogs liked chew toysIf a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s four thousand and the fate of my poor shoes: thoroughly chewed, sniffed and slept on.

Self-Inflicted Injuries

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After seeing the wounds, people in the office keep saying that work isn’t that bad…You could say this was self-inflicted I suppose: caused by picking Stephen up, when he wanted to go down.

A cat in the dark

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We had a brief powercut this morning. When I heard something moving nearby I grabbed a camera (it has become a reflex, living with these two) and snapped a picture in the dark. Once the power came back up, I loaded it into Photoshop and turned the contrast up:Poor cat! I’d forgotten how much he […]