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Blowing hot air

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Dear Matilda,

You learned to turn the heater on by headbutting it? It explains the last few days, when DH and I both thought we were going mad, but this is not entirely a good thing. Yes, you sauntering in, thumping the heater with your head and settling in front of it as I stared was not something I see every day. No, it’s not something all cats do.

Sadly it’s not going to work much longer, as we’re now turning it off at the plug as well, and I’ve moved the plug to a socket out of your reach.

(Please, please don’t learn to transfer that skill to wall plugs. Please.)


Edible or Inedible

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Cats Rule Postcard
Cats Rule Postcard by KatAnnette
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Matilda is going through a chewing phase. It used to be envelopes and earwax, but it seems she want’s to expand her diet.  Yes, she has plenty of kibble, and cat food, and treats, she’s just being a cat.

This has resulted in many sentences uttered that should not have to be completed with “…Matilda, don’t eat that.” – normally uttered in a resigned tone of voice while retreiving whatever item has been soggified by her attempt this time. So far this week we have:

  • That’s my USB drive Matilda…
  • That’s the mains power cable…
  • That’s Daddy’s phone…
  • That’s my foot!
  • That’s the curtain…
I will give a quick mention to:
  • That’s your brother’s tail… 
but the sentence was not completed.  Stephen isn’t the talkative type so he resorted to a cuff round the head, pinning her down and licking her thoroughly. Hopefully being on the receiving end might have put her off!

What do I do with it? Part 1

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It was quite the phone call I received…Stephen and Matilda had been out in the garden prowling around enjoying the sunshine and watching the birds. In particular the nest of some sparrows that have been set up in one of the nearby trees. It now being spring, it looks like some of the chicks had […]

Cat Grass Part Two – Matilda

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Thought for the dayThanks heavens she doesn’t do that to the lawn.Matilda has a very odd reaction to cat grass. Sometimes she eats it like a normal cat. More often she plucks it. She will start sitting at one end of the tray, carefully isolate one strand between her teeth, and only one, and run […]

Cats are not a convenience

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Thought for the dayStrangling me and then making me late is not a good way to show your affection…This one requires a little background.I’d been in a rush heading home from work, and naturally when I got in, I bent down to say hello to Matilda. Unfortunately I was still wearing my pass, which swung […]

A shocking experience (an open letter)

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Dear Matilda,I am aware that one of your favourite locations is perched on top of my PC. I know that you like to roll around and rub yourself on the metal frame to get comfortable because it is warm and vibrates slightly. You even discovered a side effect and a way to neutralise it. I […]

A bad thing

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Thought for the dayCatnip must be handled with careI did a bad thing. When refilling the catnip mouse I spilt a little, just a tiny, tiny touch, of dried catnip on the carpet. Cat owners can probably guess what happened next.I put the mouse down where I’d spilled the catnip to mark the spot (as […]

A very Matilda update

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Thought for the dayI don’t have problems, I have cats.Like any good ninja (or perhaps evil mastermind) Matilda tends to stay in the background, except when Stephen’s been bad when she suddenly wants affection. Therefore she has not given my much to blog about – the holes in the shape of claw marks up the […]

Matilda’s fanclub

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Thought for the dayYour face is very cute, so please stop showing me your bottomIt seems the kitties are drawing fans! Matilda in a knot just got made featured content on Redgage. Thanks guys – it’s nice to know someone else thinks my cats are cute!And I will pause my update to bring you a […]