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Felix Vouchers

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Dropped another 168 vouchers into Cats Protection: 7 more cans of cat food for their fosters. If you have any spare, please drop them into your local CPS shop, as most branches are collecting the vouchers now.

(For every 24 vouchers, Felix will donate one free can of cat food to Cats Protection, so if you aren’t using the vouchers please donate them).

Details here:

World of Felix Vouchers

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Another 224 World of Felix vouchers dropped in at Cats Protection this morning.

Every 24 vouchers provides one can of cat food to Cats Protection (details here), so you can either send in your donations yourself, or drop vouchers in with your nearest Cats Protection, who can send in a bulk application. You can find the vouchers on the sides of cans or boxes of Felix, so if you aren’t using them, please consider donating.

Bad table manners!

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Thought for the dayEven for a cat, that’s bad manners…I’m nt sure whether he thinks the food will escape or what, but Stephen seems to have decided that his food bowl requries pinning down…I’ve seen kittens do this before, because they can’t quite get to the food. In Stephen’s case he weighs more than the […]

Christmas Chicken

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It’s Christmas, and Christmas means poultry – in our case chicken as we were having a small christmas this year. This meant fending off the cats and, as anyone who has encountered two little furry faces staring fixedly at the oven door knows, they can be quite determined.Christmas Day went off without a hitch, but […]

Bird food? That’s not good for you…

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Thought for the dayThe only cat who would raid a bird table for the food, and not the birds…We’d been wondering why Stephen kept being sick. A few weeks ago, we’d brought in the fat balls we had hung out for the birds through summer. They were in a closed box with other gardening bits. […]