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RIP – Stephen

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Last Wednesday, Stephen was still his usual bouncy ball of intelligence that ruled the house.

Then on Thursday and Friday we noticed he was looked thinner and not eating. We took him to the vet for an overnight stay and they released him on Saturday, a little worse for wear and a bit grumpy, but having been given the all-clear. But he wasn’t ok. Through Saturday night and into Sunday, he wasn’t eating and just lying around. We took him back in on Monday to see what else could be wrong. A scan showed a large mass in his abdomen and when the vets went in, it had spread to multiple organs. There was nothing we could do for him, the vets carefully stitched him up and brought him home for one final visit.

He passed away at 2:30pm surrounded by those who loved him.

I can’t believe it. He’s gone.

Blowing hot air

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Dear Matilda,

You learned to turn the heater on by headbutting it? It explains the last few days, when DH and I both thought we were going mad, but this is not entirely a good thing. Yes, you sauntering in, thumping the heater with your head and settling in front of it as I stared was not something I see every day. No, it’s not something all cats do.

Sadly it’s not going to work much longer, as we’re now turning it off at the plug as well, and I’ve moved the plug to a socket out of your reach.

(Please, please don’t learn to transfer that skill to wall plugs. Please.)


Dear Cat…

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Dear Stephen,I know you are a rescue cat, and as such sometimes have bad dreams. I know that you need to be woken from these occassional nightmares or you are twitchy and depressed for hours. After last night I also know that I need better reflexes.Lashing out against the dream monster is not your normal […]

Musical floorboards

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Dear Matilda,We are aware of the loose floorboard in the bathroom (after you hid prawns under it) and have filled in the gap under it. This should mean that it is of no further interest to you.Instead, it means that throughout the day we are intermittently treated to thwap-wappawappawappa as you try out your new […]

Kibble Ball part 2

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Dear Stephen,We went to the trouble of getting you a kibble ball for “environmental enrichment” and, let’s be blunt, exercise. The idea is that we put kibble in it and you roll it to get the kibble. You weren’t supposed to look at the kibble that fell out, trot across to your empty kibble dish […]

An open letter on boxes

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Dear cats,Your owners are preparing to attend a public event. We know this is interesting, with all the boxes and sheets and luggage that is being moved around in your house. That said, you need to understand there are certain places you do not belong at the moment:a) in the boxesb) in the luggage. No […]