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Stephen vs. laptop

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Laptop – type: MSI, Weight: under 1kg
Stephen – type: feline, weight: 7.5kg

One is on my lap, one wants to be on my lap. Too bad the second doesn’t care if I move the first. He just treads all over it.

So at 08:00a.m. this morning there was a cry of:

“No, not my power button. You. Little. Sod.”

from me and many loud purrs from Stephen.

All I can say is thank heavens for hibernate mode. I’ve spent too much of this morning with my cat and my laptop both asleep on my lap!

(This is the same cat that bookmarked xkcd so I shouldn’t be surprised…)

Here we go again.

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Thought for the day
The more things change,
The more they stay the same

It’s been a while since last posting and despite the years little has changed for the two terrible tabbies. They still love their food, still play in the garden, still chase the other cats who might cross their path.

Then again, they have found a variety of new places to sleep, on top of wardrobes, the back of a sofa and finally on a lap. They did spend several years finding places to curl up, including sitting on laps, but never sleeping on them. Admittedly, I was fast asleep stretched out on the sofa at the time  and work up to find Stephen fast asleep on top of me.

Matilda is still addicted to sunny spots, but is braver than she was, daring to go outside without having her big brother around to make sure it is all safe first.

Who knows what else they may get up to… 

Snow and cats and cold weather…

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Thought for the dayIt’s cold…On the first day the white flakes started drifting down, much to to consternation of the cats. Stephen remembered this from last christmas, and he remembered he didn’t like it. After failed attempts to persuade me to change the weather and turn the thermostat on the world outside up, he sulked. […]

Lucky Black Cats?

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A pair of elderly gents currently in the Caterham Cats Protection have been brought to my attention. At 11 and thirteen they’ve got years ahead of them (cats can live to over twenty) and are sadly with CP because their owner died.Tommy, age 11, who loves the outdoors, catnip and tickles, and Panther, age 13, […]

Maisie and Monty – Adopt your own terrible two?

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I could blog about Stephen and Matilda, but after this week, the Koosh ball solution, and the catnip emergency I don’t want to think about it. Those stories are coming up soon.Menahwile, if anyone’s interested in their own pair of moggies, the local CPS has two in. Maisie and Monty are currently looking for a […]

Help Cats Protection win £5000

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One of our local Cats Protection charities has been selected for a possible £5,000 prize (that’s about $7,750 at the current exchange rate). As a small branch entirely run by volunteers, the prize would make a real difference to them.The competition is run by “Animal Friends”, a pet insurance company on Facebook. If you are […]

World of Felix – a disappointment

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Back in August I mentioned a World of Felix offer to donate to Cats Protection in exchange for tokens. I duly sent off my 120 tokens the day I placed the order, glued neatly to the order form so it could go as standard letter.Two months later and they were still “Waiting for tokens”. Oh […]


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I’m beginning to think to cats think the roomba is another round, rather thick, not furry, cat.It broke a while back, right as the warranty ran out, so we went back to hoovering. The cats hated it: hiding, attacking the vacuum, hissing at it, attacking the person using it…it was not pleasant. Then I found […]


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Thought for the dayHe’s not you, honestA group of new cats moved into the neighbourhood over summer, two kittens and an adolescent. They also tried to move onto Stephen’s turf, the garden, since they are small enough to climb in using tree branches which won’t hold him if he tries to get out.Two of them, […]

Cats Protection Christmas

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The Cats Protection Christmas Catalogue have now got their range of cards and gifts available online for Christmas. It all helps to feed and look after cats, so please have a look and if there’s anything there to interest you – or your cat!Cat’s Protection Shop