Edible or Inedible

Posted by tirial on February 28, 2013
Cats Rule Postcard
Cats Rule Postcard by KatAnnette
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Matilda is going through a chewing phase. It used to be envelopes and earwax, but it seems she want’s to expand her diet.  Yes, she has plenty of kibble, and cat food, and treats, she’s just being a cat.

This has resulted in many sentences uttered that should not have to be completed with “…Matilda, don’t eat that.” – normally uttered in a resigned tone of voice while retreiving whatever item has been soggified by her attempt this time. So far this week we have:

  • That’s my USB drive Matilda…
  • That’s the mains power cable…
  • That’s Daddy’s phone…
  • That’s my foot!
  • That’s the curtain…
I will give a quick mention to:
  • That’s your brother’s tail… 
but the sentence was not completed.  Stephen isn’t the talkative type so he resorted to a cuff round the head, pinning her down and licking her thoroughly. Hopefully being on the receiving end might have put her off!

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