Here we go again.

Posted by ruaria on February 23, 2013
in Cat
Thought for the day
The more things change,
The more they stay the same

It’s been a while since last posting and despite the years little has changed for the two terrible tabbies. They still love their food, still play in the garden, still chase the other cats who might cross their path.

Then again, they have found a variety of new places to sleep, on top of wardrobes, the back of a sofa and finally on a lap. They did spend several years finding places to curl up, including sitting on laps, but never sleeping on them. Admittedly, I was fast asleep stretched out on the sofa at the time  and work up to find Stephen fast asleep on top of me.

Matilda is still addicted to sunny spots, but is braver than she was, daring to go outside without having her big brother around to make sure it is all safe first.

Who knows what else they may get up to…¬†

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