An open letter on boxes

Posted by tirial on November 24, 2011 as
Dear cats,

Your owners are preparing to attend a public event. We know this is interesting, with all the boxes and sheets and luggage that is being moved around in your house. That said, you need to understand there are certain places you do not belong at the moment:

a) in the boxes
b) in the luggage. No matter how much we love you we are not taking you with us.
c) directly under wherever we are putting our feet down at that precise moment.
d) Climbing the curtains is never acceptable even if you do just want a better look.

And I repeat, please stay away from the boxes. We do not want a repeat of last time when one friend picked up a too-heavy box, only to nearly drop it as the sudden weight moved. Stephen, you nearly gave him a heart attack when your inquisitive head lifted the flaps and looked round before you jumped out and sauntered off.

In general, please behave. Just this once?

A stressed staff member

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