What do I do with it? Part 1

Posted by ruaria on May 19, 2011
It was quite the phone call I received…

Stephen and Matilda had been out in the garden prowling around enjoying the sunshine and watching the birds. In particular the nest of some sparrows that have been set up in one of the nearby trees. It now being spring, it looks like some of the chicks had started to become fledglings and one of them had decided that today was going to be the day it would take its first flight from the nest.

It wasn’t very successful and had been hiding behind some rubble while it tried to work out what its feathers were supposed to do. At which point, Stephen pounced on it and picked it up in his mouth.

Stephen has never been near a fledgling before and was quite perplexed as to what to do with his new toy. A feral cat would have taken it somewhere and done what feral cats do in this situation and eaten it. Stephen did not have a clue and so did the only thing that made sense. He would ask someone else what to do with it. Being a smart cat, he wandered straight up to tirial with it and looked up enquiringly, bird flapping in mouth.

Realising what he was holding in Stephen’s mouth, tirial was not best pleased and tried to get Stephen to drop the fledgling, which he did under a bed. tirial shooed him out and went back to see what state the bird was in, only to find Matilda had proceeded to start licking it all over. It was a very frightened, but now clean, fledgling.

Matilda was evicted and I was asked to come and lend a hand as moving the fledgling and keeping both cats at bay was a two-person job.

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