A damp squib…

Posted by tirial on April 17, 2010
So, yesterday was the normal rush to get up, washed dressed and out for work on a Friday, looking forward to the weekend, no idea that this morning any feline would decide to do something not bright…

And then, from the bathroom came this strange noise. It sounded a little like fingernails on a blackboard, then frantic scrabbling and then a splash. I ran through to see what was happening in time to see Matilda in mid-air over the bath. All four paws hit the floor in front of me, slipped and scrabbled for purchase on the tiles, and then she was gone. I turned to see only a trail of wet footprints and water drops leading into the bedroom.

When I got to the bedroom I was confronted by a creature of truly fiendish appearance. Tail up like a bottle brush, eyes wide, ears back, fur on end, Stephen had realised something was wrong and was standing ready to repel the intruder. He seemed rather confused to see me, and a curious ear quirked. Then he sidled sideways, still watching the door in case I was also fleeing whatever had spooked Matilda, and let me look under the bed.

These two indignant yellow eyes looked back at me out of wet, bedraggled, tabby fur. As I tried not to laugh she gave me a very sullen look and turned her back on me. I left her to clean herself up.

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Matilda likes walking along the side of the bath. This time she must have got it wrong and fallen in.What I don’t understand is how she got that wet; there was only an inch of water in it.

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