An open letter about bathrooms

Posted by tirial on April 8, 2010
Dear Felines,

I have a small issue to bring up to you – specifically that of a complete double standard you seem to hold. When I walk into the room while you are in the litter tray you stop and glare at me until I leave. As you like the tray in a secluded corner, under normal circumstances I don’t know you are using it until I walk in. Less normal circumstances, where I can tell by being in the same house, have hopefully been eliminated by changing your diet.

However when I am in the bathroom, all I get to hear are meows and scratchings on the door outside. Now if you don’t want to be disturbed, why do you think I want to be? Also Master Stephen’s ability to open blinds and windows is indeed very skilled and must be applauded – in the right time and place.

And finally, pretending you have not been in the bath, and in fact hate the white, water containing device of evil, would be more successful if the bath did not have a layer of fur in it. You may say that fur is circumstantial evidence, but unfortunately the muddy paw prints are rather more conclusive.

The one who has to clean the bath – again.

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