A bad thing

Posted by tirial on April 1, 2010
Thought for the day
Catnip must be handled with care

I did a bad thing.

When refilling the catnip mouse I spilt a little, just a tiny, tiny touch, of dried catnip on the carpet. Cat owners can probably guess what happened next.

I put the mouse down where I’d spilled the catnip to mark the spot (as I said it was a tiny amount and I could not see it on the carpet). When I came back Matilda had just finished giving the mouse a perfunctory sniff before she batted it to one side and got to work on the interesting smell. Sniffing it, and rubbing her face against it, was not enough. She licked it, and promptly jumped back with a look of disgust trying to get carpet fluff off her tongue.

Then she walked round it, sniffed carefully and set to work digging through the carpet. Obviously she had decided that whatever smelled so good had to be under the surface that tasted so bad, and by Jove she was going to get to it.

Fortunately before she could get through to the underlay the catnip had gone to work, and she’d forgotten what she was doing. So she settled for walking round in a circle twice, falling over and licking Stephen’s head when he came to sniff the carpet in case he had any catnip on him.

Unfortunately she is still lying on the bit where I spilled the catnip, so I’m leaving her to sleep it off before I finish the clean up job.

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