A late night wake up call.

Posted by tirial on March 28, 2010
It was one of the nights when you just can’t sleep. We were both staring at the wall, trying to nod off when, at about 3:20am I said the fatal words. “I’m bored.”

At 3:23 am – and this I can be precise on – there was the noise of a cat being violently sick. All over the hall.

On investigation he had done it again. Stephen had eaten his food, Matilda’s food, both kibble bowls (which only contain enough for one cat between them) and raided the bin for yesterday’s food. After eating all of this, he was now sitting bright eyed and bushy tailed on the end of the bed demanding more food.

We gave up. The worst of it got scraped up, and the cleaning job will be done in the morning. But who on earth would have thought a cat could work out a pedal bin?

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