Cat-related injuries (not what you’d think…)

Posted by tirial on March 23, 2010
A small crosspost from my blog: I’ve been feeling a bit light headed all day. Despite that I got everything done and finally slumped in front of my PC about half an hour ago. Which was when I touched my head and pulled away a red hand. And then I remembered what I’d done at the weekend and that there was a reason I should be taking it easy.

Hearing what I thought was one of the cats getting into a fight, I dashed off to retrieve him. If there’s going to be a confrontation it’s usually Stephen as Matilda is still too shy to do more than stick her head outdoors. I managed to get him back through the fence and grabbed him. As I straightened up, hampered by a twenty *ahem* pound cat, I stepped back to keep my balance. Which was when the chestnut tree walloped me in the head with a sizeable branch as the other cat jumped out of it.

I have a nice raised red line across my forehead, an onimous grey shadow behind it, and apparently scrapes to the scalp which I just found the messy way. In the future I should probably avoid cats and gardens.

Stephen? He’s by the back door trying to figure out the deadbolt. Thank heavens we have a second lock on it…

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