And kitties get more expensive…

Posted by tirial on February 28, 2010
This post may read like a cat food ad – however if anyone knows how to get the fussy little things to actually eat cheap cat food, please give me a hint.

At Christmas we gave them Felix pouches as a treat: they love them, and as we mentioned they won’t eat anything you’d normally give a cat as a treat. We switched the Terrible Two back to own-brand from then on, which they usually liked and indeed devoured in prodigious quantities.

After a while we noticed they seemed to lack energy, and were looking a little listless, so when Felix went on offer we gave them that for a few days to cheer them up. Immediately they both perked up. Then we ran out, went back to the cat food and slowly their energy levels dropped again, which was when we both realised what was causing it.

So, since it seems to be a health issue, we’re busy hunting round for any deals we can find for Felix pouches. It may be a lot more expensive, but it is better for them. On the other hand, as the felix puches are meant to be three a day, rather than 4-5 for the own brand we might make a slight saving there – except that the first time we put it back down for them Stephen gorged on every scrap of it and made himself sick. Definitely stated his preferences, however.

Why can’t they be normal cats and just eat tinned food?

And what exactly is Felix putting in its food? Kitty-caffiene?

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