Skid Stops

Posted by tirial on February 23, 2010
So, as they are wont to do, Stephen and Matilda were re-fighting the civil war round our house. This usually involves chasing each other at high speed round the place, climbing on or knocking over anything not nailed down – the reason all our breakables are now safely in drawers. High shelves unfortunately proved not high enough since Matilda is a climber.

I ignored them, as I try to do, and shut myself in the office. This worked, right up until the enormous crash, and sound of shrapnel in the hall. It sounded like a machine gun going off. Forget ignoring it, I was up and looking around outside to see what they had done. It was quite a sight. They had obviously been chasing each other when his skid stop had gone badly wrong.

Stephen was standing there with the guiltiest look I have ever seen on a cat’s face. A little down the hall was Matilda, also staring at me with a frankly horrified expression.

All four of Stephen’s paws were in his food dish. The food dish that was three feet further from where it should be and halfway into their upset biscuit plate. Kibble was everywhere. I looked at Stephen. Stephen looked at me. There was a pause, and then Stephen gulped.

I collapsed laughing. I’m sorry, but the sight of this apologetic, worried-looking cat, standing in his food bowl, wet food splashed up his chest and paws, right in the middle of a kibble explosion was simply classic.

The only thing I regret? When I turned my back for the camera, both cats dived under the bed. Its been very quiet since, apart from the noise of industrious licking.

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