One of those days

Posted by tirial on February 16, 2010
I had someone ask by PM whether it was always this frantic and if the cats ever showed signs of slowing down. The truth is, yes. They have crazy days, which give me the material for four or five posts, and then they go back to eating sleeping and being cat-like.

Today is one of those days. It’s 10:30 and so far I have:
  • rescued Matilda from the stock cupboard. Twice. (She jumps into envelope boxes, but when the contents expand back she doesn’t have room to jump out. Unfortunately she can open cupboards and claws make effective box openers so keeping her out is tricky.)
  • Stopped Stephen slamming into the side of the bath. They were playing an enthusiastic game of chase, and unfortunately claws don’t make effective breaks on lino.
  • Asked “what’s that odd noise?” twice. Investigated twice. Caught cats looking innocent twice. (saved one book from being eaten, and tidied up spilled shreddings which were being gleefully distributed through the house)
  • Rescued the laundry from Stephen.
  • Rescued Matilda’s dinner from Stephen
  • Stopped Stephen trying to pull down the bathroom blind by hanging on the string.
  • Put up a new wooden pull for the bathroom light cord, to keep it out of Stephen’s reach. The existing cord came pre-shortened because it had not been quite out of Stephen’s reach and a twenty*ahem* pound cat swinging on it is not good for light pulls.
And this was all between 7 and 10:30, and leaves out their overnight activities. I need sleep.

I’ve got to go to a work meeting very soon. I hope the house will still be here when I get back.

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