RIP – Stephen

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Last Wednesday, Stephen was still his usual bouncy ball of intelligence that ruled the house.

Then on Thursday and Friday we noticed he was looked thinner and not eating. We took him to the vet for an overnight stay and they released him on Saturday, a little worse for wear and a bit grumpy, but having been given the all-clear. But he wasn’t ok. Through Saturday night and into Sunday, he wasn’t eating and just lying around. We took him back in on Monday to see what else could be wrong. A scan showed a large mass in his abdomen and when the vets went in, it had spread to multiple organs. There was nothing we could do for him, the vets carefully stitched him up and brought him home for one final visit.

He passed away at 2:30pm surrounded by those who loved him.

I can’t believe it. He’s gone.

Unnatural Prey

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Dear Matilda,

USB cables do not taste good. They also do not need to be pulled out of the computer and stashed under the bed (although at least you seem to have some grasp of electrical safety).

Please go back to sitting on the windowsill and your trash-talking competition with the magpies. It’s safer.


Felix Vouchers

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Dropped another 168 vouchers into Cats Protection: 7 more cans of cat food for their fosters. If you have any spare, please drop them into your local CPS shop, as most branches are collecting the vouchers now.

(For every 24 vouchers, Felix will donate one free can of cat food to Cats Protection, so if you aren’t using the vouchers please donate them).

Details here:

Stephen vs. laptop

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Laptop – type: MSI, Weight: under 1kg
Stephen – type: feline, weight: 7.5kg

One is on my lap, one wants to be on my lap. Too bad the second doesn’t care if I move the first. He just treads all over it.

So at 08:00a.m. this morning there was a cry of:

“No, not my power button. You. Little. Sod.”

from me and many loud purrs from Stephen.

All I can say is thank heavens for hibernate mode. I’ve spent too much of this morning with my cat and my laptop both asleep on my lap!

(This is the same cat that bookmarked xkcd so I shouldn’t be surprised…)

Blowing hot air

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Dear Matilda,

You learned to turn the heater on by headbutting it? It explains the last few days, when DH and I both thought we were going mad, but this is not entirely a good thing. Yes, you sauntering in, thumping the heater with your head and settling in front of it as I stared was not something I see every day. No, it’s not something all cats do.

Sadly it’s not going to work much longer, as we’re now turning it off at the plug as well, and I’ve moved the plug to a socket out of your reach.

(Please, please don’t learn to transfer that skill to wall plugs. Please.)


World of Felix Vouchers

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Another 224 World of Felix vouchers dropped in at Cats Protection this morning.

Every 24 vouchers provides one can of cat food to Cats Protection (details here), so you can either send in your donations yourself, or drop vouchers in with your nearest Cats Protection, who can send in a bulk application. You can find the vouchers on the sides of cans or boxes of Felix, so if you aren’t using them, please consider donating.

Cough does not equal cat…

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Dear Matilda,

You are not as subtle as you think.

First, those are cough sweets, not cat sweets.

Second, sitting on my Keyboard and trying to sniff my nose will not distract me from the fact your paw is almost bent double trying to reach the cough sweet tube behind you to claw one out. I’m not sure whether you want to eat it or just sniff it thoroughly, but either way, it is not good for you.

Yes, I have moved them (again) Yes, I am mean. Halls: not really meant for cats. Sorry.

Patient Owner.

Dear Cat…

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Dear Stephen,

I know you are a rescue cat, and as such sometimes have bad dreams. I know that you need to be woken from these occassional nightmares or you are twitchy and depressed for hours. After last night I also know that I need better reflexes.

Lashing out against the dream monster is not your normal response, but I admire your quick reflexes. Had it been a dream monster, you would certainly have killed it. Unfortunately you then realised it was mummy’s hand and proceeded to cling on firmly, headbump it repeatedly and rub your nose over it.  I am sorry I was not more enamoured of thse affections, but it was getting blood over your nose – my blood to be precise.

Don’t get a taste for it.

On the other hand you have been very apologetic all day, and you’re too cute to be angry with.

The staff (who will be waking you at distance with a feather duster next time)

Edible or Inedible

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Cats Rule Postcard
Cats Rule Postcard by KatAnnette
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Matilda is going through a chewing phase. It used to be envelopes and earwax, but it seems she want’s to expand her diet.  Yes, she has plenty of kibble, and cat food, and treats, she’s just being a cat.

This has resulted in many sentences uttered that should not have to be completed with “…Matilda, don’t eat that.” – normally uttered in a resigned tone of voice while retreiving whatever item has been soggified by her attempt this time. So far this week we have:

  • That’s my USB drive Matilda…
  • That’s the mains power cable…
  • That’s Daddy’s phone…
  • That’s my foot!
  • That’s the curtain…
I will give a quick mention to:
  • That’s your brother’s tail… 
but the sentence was not completed.  Stephen isn’t the talkative type so he resorted to a cuff round the head, pinning her down and licking her thoroughly. Hopefully being on the receiving end might have put her off!

Here we go again.

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Thought for the day
The more things change,
The more they stay the same

It’s been a while since last posting and despite the years little has changed for the two terrible tabbies. They still love their food, still play in the garden, still chase the other cats who might cross their path.

Then again, they have found a variety of new places to sleep, on top of wardrobes, the back of a sofa and finally on a lap. They did spend several years finding places to curl up, including sitting on laps, but never sleeping on them. Admittedly, I was fast asleep stretched out on the sofa at the time  and work up to find Stephen fast asleep on top of me.

Matilda is still addicted to sunny spots, but is braver than she was, daring to go outside without having her big brother around to make sure it is all safe first.

Who knows what else they may get up to…