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Featured Game – Brutal Legend (PS3)

Title: Brutal Legend (PS3)
Format: Sony PlayStation 3

Heavy Metal in-jokes abound in this tribute to the metal scene. Written by Tim Scheaffer, the creator of Psychonauts, and starring Jack Black as Eddie Riggs the best roadie in the world, Brutal legend is definitely a different style of game.

On the down side, the game itself is rather short and the sidequests get repetitive. Download content provides a few extras to help with this, although they don’t entirely correct it. However the script is great, characters excellent (if scarily recogniseable) and the soundtrack has to be heard to be believed. The stage battles are an innovative mechanic, and – at the risk of sounding cliched – the use of a guitar as a weapon rocks!

If you’re a metal fan, this game features metal, goth, glam and more, and is definitely one for you. And that’s without going in to the range of jokes, landscapes out of heavy metal album covers, and the creative use of the Parental advisory label.

Also available on Xbox360: Brutal Legend (Xbox 360) Widgets

Featured Game – Eternal Sonata (PS3)

Title: Eternal Sonata (PS3)
Format: Sony PlayStation 3

Eternal Sonata is definitely something diferent: an RPG based on the music and life of Chopin. There are a lot of unique features about the game, from the near real-time combat system and its innovative use of light and dark, to the soundtrack, and chapter breaks which tell the life story of the composer.

It has a slow start, buts builds pace steadily. As the action cuts between Chopin’s death bed and his dying dream the question is asked repeatedly about which world is real, and in fact whether it matters?

Beautiful cel-shaded graphics and, unsurprisingly, an excellent soundtrack, make this one to play if you can get hold of it.

Also available on Xbox360: Widgets

Featured Game – Ghostbusters (PS3)

Title: Ghostbusters (PS3)
Format: Sony PlayStation 3

Released on a range of consoles, we played this on the PS3 version. The game is a light hearted follow-on from the films, where the four Ghostbusters have hired you as their new “Experimental Equipment Technician” (read “Guinnea pig”).

With the return of well-known faces from the films, a strong script, and great characters the game can provide hours of enjoyment – particualrly for fans. In places the game is rather linear, and can become a little standard. However, any boredom is quickly dispelled by the range of one-liners delivered by the original cast and a chance to see notable characters again.

A PS3 Special Edition was also released which contains the film on blu-ray and can be distinguished from the usual release by the blue tint on the cover, instead of standard green.

Also available on Xbox360 and Wii: Widgets

A Wii update

For the Wii gamers out there, our Wii section on Ebay is being updated with
  • New games
  • Images to eBay’s new standard size
  • Details and pricing revisions
The update will take the next few days to complete, but meanwhile why not have a look and let us know what you think? Don’t forget, if you see something you like and want a lower price, you can always make us an offer.

Back online

The Ragged Angel Blog is back online, as we plan quite a few changes this year.

After the snow things are getting back to normal. We were unable to access our books storage due to the weather, and now that we can get back in some of the books did not survive the damp. Currently we are going through sorting out which ones are salvageable.

The CandyPress store is gone for good, and we are switching to OSCommerce. Through the use of datafeeds this will enable us to sell our products through several new portals and storefronts, while reducing the amount of work, so we are really excited about the possibilities this offers. It will take a bit of custom work, but ecommerce consulting is our business so it’s nothing unusual.

And as some customers may have noticed we are now on This was a test venture over christmas, but it has been very successful and we will be expanding our operations in the future.