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Featured Game – God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP

Title: God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)
Format: Sony PSP

Kratos came to the PSP with nearly the full God of War experience on Sony’s handheld. Set between the first two games, it sees Kratos being sent to prevent Morpheus God of Dreams from taking over the land.

The game manages to pack in the brutal combat, superb graphics and excellent story we expect of this game line, and is well worth buying for any fan of the series. As you can probably tell, I loved this game.

Featured Game – Patapon (PSP)

Title: Patapon (PSP)
Format: Sony PSP

A simple rhythm game with basic graphics and addictive gameplay. You control a small group of Patapon warriors, who you move around the screen by beating out a rhythm on the drum they carry. Different rhythms mean they move, defend, attack or summon greater power.

It is a fun game but does require a sense of rhythm which, unfortunately, this reviewer does not possess. Despite that inor problem it is still extremely enjoyable and easy to get hooked.

Overall this is a simple yet extremely addictive game, and one you will find yourself tapping along to, hoping that the little creatures you control can make it to the end of the level without missing a beat.

It also has a sequel, Patapon 2, for gamers who couldn;t get enough the first time round.

Featured Game – Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (PSP)

Title: Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (PSP)
Format: Sony PSP

Playing as the hardened Ultramarines, your goal is to defeat the encroaching forces of chaos in this turn-based strategy.

You control a squad of six marines, each of which has selectable weaponry. The game is turn-based, with each side’s movements and actions limited by their action points. Each scenario has a simple goal, which is usually to wipe out the enemy. The control system and options are not complicated but the camera is held in a (semi-)fixed position making it difficult to rotate the map to line up enemies.

If you enjoy Warhammer 40K, or are a fan of turn based strategy, this is one you should look at.

Featured Game – Loco Roco (PSP)

Title: Loco Roco
Format: Sony PSP

This is one of the weirdest, simplest and most fun games for the PSP. You control a little yellow blob (a loco roco) which has to travel the level looking for other yellow blobs, while avoiding a host of strange creatures along the way. When you find them you can join up to form a larger blob, or try to move a swarm of smaller blobs to the level end.

The controls are as simple as they get: by using the controls you tilt the world and the Loco Roco rolls and falls around it as gravity dictates. With its bright colours and catchy tunes this is a game for all ages.

The game spawned a sequel, LocoRoco 2, with more creatures, areas to explore, and minigames.

The game was so popular that several versions have been released, including Platinum and Essentials editions. Widgets