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Featured Game – Beyond Good and Evil (PS2)

Title: Beyond Good and Evil (PS2)
Format:Sony PlayStation 2 Console

Beyond Good and Evil was a much hyped game when it game out, and it deserved the plaudits. A mixture of action, and RPG, you play Jade a young photographer caught on a planet that is being invaded.

Caught between the invading Domz and the Alpha section, Jade joins the resistance to find out the truth about what is going on. This involves sneaking into heavily guarded bases to catch events on film as they happen. These photos are then integrated with underground broadcasts to win over the people.

It’s a simple concept, and despite the sci-fi overtones the world of Beyond Good and Evil feels real. The script is sharp, the characters beliveable, and the game a great deal of fun for gamers of most ages (the very young may find it difficult).

Although I played the PS2 version, this game is also available on Xbox and GC. The Gamecube version will play on the Wii.