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Featured Game – Lost in Blue 2

Title: Lost in Blue 2
Format: Nintendo DS

Lost in Blue 2 follows a similar story to the first game, Lost in Blue. Two teenagers are stranded on an island and need to survive and escape. It is certainly different to its predecessor, but not always better.

There are more things to do: a wider range of mini-games and more resources and items to make. It is possible to set up several bases and traverse the world, which is much larger. The island itself has slopes and odd angles, no longer the squared off edges of Keith and Skye’s marooning, and the graphics and sound have improved.

The characters, however, are far less likeable. You can play as either, but your companion will be of limited intelligence and resents being asked to contribute to their own survival unless bribed. While Skye’s helplessness is excusable – she’s effectively blind – it’s less forgiveable in an able-bodied adult.

Once again however, multiple endings and a lot of mini-games make this one fun to play and the additional of dangerous animals and natural disasters give it a whole new angle.

Featured Game – The ABC murders (DS)

Title: Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders (Nintendo DS)
Format: Nintendo DS

This is one of the few games that I am lukewarm about, but will highlight anyway because it may be good for its target audience.

Based on Agatha Christie’s The ABC murders, the idea of solving the case as Poirot is delightful. Unfortunately this game does not live up to that promise, as the game is extremely linear. Rather than gathering clues and deducing information, the game is simply a series of interviews, with puzzles which have been worked in rather artifically. Nearly every witness asked you to work out a math or logic problem before they’ll co-operate. The other issue is the touchpad which makes putting the right answer in trickier than working it out.

I have to admit I abandoned this when I got bored hlafway through. However for a younger age group or inexperienced gamers, this could be fun. The problems are of the level of standard school maths (“If two trains leave x at y o’clock at b speed, which train gets there first?”) and the story is gripping.

If you can get past the touchpad issue, this might be one to keep younger kids amused for a while – just keep pad and paper handy for your workings!

(For adult gamers, the Adventure Company’s Agatha Christie Series on PC and console give a beter experience.)

Featured Game – Lost in Blue (DS)

Title: Lost in Blue (Nintendo DS)
Format: Nintendo DS (all versions)

Lost in Blue is the story of two teenagers stranded on an island after their boat sinks in a storm. As the only survivors, they have to find shelter, food and resources and eventually if they can, a way off the island. To make matters worse, Skye, the girl is functionally blind.

It’s a simple concept and well-realised. Foraging, hunting and fishing are all covered by the game, as well as exploration of the island in an attempt to stay alive while waiting for rescue. Playing through as Keith unlocks a second mode as Skye, although this is decidedly more limited.

With multiple endings, and a second playthrough mode as Sky, the game has high replay value. Even better, it is suitable for almost all ages, although the very young may find it too challenging.

Featured Game – Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

Name: Ace Attorney Apollo Justice (Nintendo DS)
Format: Nintendo DS

The last game in the Ace Attorney series, Apollo Justice introduces an entirely new cast. Cameos from existing characters tie the games together, but the focus is very much on Apollo as he tries to find his feet in the court system and win his first cases.

The prosecutor, a rock star called Klavier Gavin, is an unlikely someime-ally along with Trucy, an apprentice magician who proves to be tied closely with one of his cases. Apollo has his own ability to fall back on however: an uncanny knack of telling when people are lying.

Set years after the Ace Attorney games, Apollo Justice gives a new twist on the old format – even if in some cases it asks more questions than it answers. Definitely worth playing for any fans of the Ace Attorney games. Widgets

Featured Game – Miles Edgeworth Investigations (DS)

Name: Miles Edgeworth Investigations
Format: Nintendo DS

Part of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, Miles Edgeworth Investigations takes a new spin on it. Playing the eponymous prosecutor, it’s a surprise that there aren’t more court scenes.

Instead, Edgeworth works with the police and witnesses to discover what truly happened and who should be prosecuted for the crime. With gripping stories, and an overall arc that keeps you guessing, this is an excellent addition to the Ace Attorney series.

A host of regular faces appear, both as major characters and cameos, and it gives you a chance to fill in some of the backstory between the charcters that isn;t covered in the main Pheonix Wright series.

Overall this was a joy to play, and definitely one I’ll play more than once. Widgets

Featured Game – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS)

Name: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (Nintendo DS)
Format: Nintendo DS

With the recent release of Miles Edgeworth Investigations, It seems like a good time to take a look back at the game that started the series. Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney was originally released for the GBA, but with an added chapter and updated graphics and sound, it became an early hit on the DS.

Phoenix “Nick” Wright is a trainee defense attorney, who we join at the start of his first case. Under the tutelage of Mia Fey, he has to defend a series of murder cases against Miles Edgeworth a prosecutor with a perfect record and an old rival of Phoenix. Through the course of the game we watch Phoenix develop from a rookie into an experienced attorney with his own assistant, who has to unravel past cases to resolve the mystery behind his mentor – and his opponent.

Gameplay-wise, this is the game that resulted in the classic cry of “Objection!” from a generation of gamers. Widgets