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Back online

The Ragged Angel Blog is back online, as we plan quite a few changes this year.

After the snow things are getting back to normal. We were unable to access our books storage due to the weather, and now that we can get back in some of the books did not survive the damp. Currently we are going through sorting out which ones are salvageable.

The CandyPress store is gone for good, and we are switching to OSCommerce. Through the use of datafeeds this will enable us to sell our products through several new portals and storefronts, while reducing the amount of work, so we are really excited about the possibilities this offers. It will take a bit of custom work, but ecommerce consulting is our business so it’s nothing unusual.

And as some customers may have noticed we are now on This was a test venture over christmas, but it has been very successful and we will be expanding our operations in the future.