Fire Season – Retailer issue & Christmas Orders

We were contacted by someone trying to buy Fire Season. This would have been fine, except that they had already ordered it from a retailer and wanted to know where it was. The retailer told them that they were waiting for delivery, but the book had now been out for a few weeks. We agreed this was odd and traced it back, placing a test order ourselves.

We were extremely disappointed to find out that the retailer had been taking orders for the book over the last months, without ever actually ordering any from the distributor. We are slightly surprised they are waiting for delivery of books they never ordered. When we did contact said retailer they were unable to explain why this was. Unfortunately as we are a small press, they did not seem particularly interested in making it right, or helping us to make it right to our customers.

Our apologies to anyone affected by this. We suggest that you cancel your order and use the link below to order directly from our Amazon store. We can’t guarantee Christmas delivery but if we get the order by 10:00 on Saturday we’ll give it a very good try.

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